Billabong Digital Marketing Plan by Lauren Patton on Prezi Competitor Analysis In formulating business strategy, managers must consider the strategies of the firm's competitors. Interaction Growing generational gap between consumers is causing a decrease is sales Conversion Young surf and skate enthusiast are more willing to purchase local, small business product This has caused a 13.5% decline is sales and an annual loss of 3 million dollars Wifi /

Billabong Marketing Plan - 4327 Words Cram While in highly fragmented commodity industries the moves of any single competitor may be less important, in concentrated industries competitor analysis becomes a vital part of strategic planning. An internal audit function can assure the effectiveness of an internal control system. Assessment of corporate governance quality Billabong Billabong International Limited’s Billabong’s core business is the marketing, distribution, wholesaling and retailing of apparel, accessories, eyewear, wetsuits and hard goods in the board sports sector.

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